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Sustainable Packaging Solutions Using Nature’s Resources Wisely

Dura-Fibre is committed to protecting the future of the earth’s natural resources. Our sustainable packaging solutions are not only made from recycled materials, they are also completely recyclable. Paper and paperboard products offer durability unmatched by cardboard and are more ecologically friendly than plastic.

Paperboard vs. Plastic: An Eco-friendly Alternative

Containers and packaging make up the largest category of landfilled plastic. In fact, just 13 percent of plastic containers and packaging are recycled, contributing to 10 million tons of annual landfill waste. Worst of all, plastic waste can take hundreds of years to biodegrade. And, that’s when it’s properly managed. When mismanaged, plastic waste can end up in our waterways and oceans where it harms marine life.

Dura-Fibre is committed to providing responsible packaging by:

  • Using recycled materials to produce our paperboard, based on customer preferences and specifications
  • Utilizing responsible processes and materials in our paperboard packaging
  • Recycling our manufacturing waste
  • Producing a product that’s 100% recyclable

Sustainable Packaging Solutions Start with Recycled Materials

25,000 pounds of paper recycled
Every day, we recycle more than 25,000 pounds of paper.
4,500 tons of paper kept from landfills
Dura-Fibre recycling programs keep more than 4,500 tons of paper out of landfills annually.
25 million lbs. of recycled paper turns into products.
Dura-Fibre converts 25 million pounds of recycled paper each year into usable products for our customers.
100,000 trees saved
Dura-Fibre saves more than 100,000 trees from being forested for virgin paper.

Growing Sustainably

Dura-Fibre is SFI®- and FSC®-certified meaning that the materials used in our products are responsibly sourced in order to preserve natural forests, water quality and clean air.

We understand is it our responsibility to conserve not only for today, but to support generations to come. That’s why Dura-Fibre sustainable packaging solutions use nature’s resources wisely today, for the preservation of tomorrow.